We welcome those planning to unite in marriage. It is our prayer that your wedding be both beautiful and meaningful. Our intention is to maintain a worshipful atmosphere that glorifies God and centers on Jesus Christ. We will assist you in maintaining this reverence and devotion, as to surround the persons, actions, all preparations, and rehearsal of the wedding service.

Requirements and Steps for a Christian Wedding
  1. Reserve the date and times for your rehearsal and wedding service. Before your date and time can be guaranteed, you are required to meet with one of the pastors. Please call the church office (636.928.5885) to schedule this initial meeting.
  2. Attend Premarital Counseling. This is a vital step in the process leading up to your wedding day. Marriage is a wonderful blessing from God, but it is also a challenge that takes love and dedication. During these premarital sessions, you, your fiancée, and the pastor will talk about some of the most common challenges that marriages face and how you can prepare for them.
Chapel of the Cross rejoices with you in your decision to enter the sacred and holy relationship of Christian marriage. Your wedding is one of the most important dates in your lives. Our prayer is that your marriage will be blessed by enduring happiness and mutual commitment to God and His church.