Join us for the month of January and February as we explore the many ways that God has called us through the sermon series Callings for Life.

This sermon is based on the book, "Callings for Life," written by Jeffrey Leininger who serves as the Campus Pastor for Concordia Chicago. Pick up your complimentary book in church, and read along as we preach through this book.
As an added bonus Pastor Leininger will be preaching the last weekend (Sunday, February 12th) and leading our adult Bible Study.
"The world wants you to think that unless you achieve one great thing - land the perfect job, find your soul mate, check every box on your bucket list, or find you capital-C calling - you have failed. But this is a myth. The truth is that God fills your life with various callings, plural. These callings are found in the people God puts in your life, the time and place He has you, and the roles and responsibilities He gives you. Be assured that God is at work in you and through you, His beloved, redeemed, precious child - not because of who you are but because of who you are in Him.