June| 05 | 2021


Chapel of the Cross Lower Parking Lot

Chapel will be hosting its first annual Craft Fair outdoors on Saturday, June 5th. If you've spent the past year indoors crafting and creating then this will be a great opportunity to reserve a table and sell your hard work. If you've spent the past year indoors and just want another excuse to get outside and do a little shopping in a safe space to shop and socialize then this will also be a great opportunity. 
If you are interested in reserving a table the cost is $15. Contact Michael Henson at 314-608-1799 or email Pat Henson at pkhenson@att.net. Tables can be provided if needed at no additional cost. Set up for vendors will be on the Lower Parking lot with the Upper Lot reserved for parking.
Spaces will fill up fast so reserve your spot as soon as you are able.