9:30 AM

Chapel of the Cross

6 sessions

The True Nature of Man
with Pastor Mark Hoehner in Room 224
With all the unrest in the world, what are we to do? Will there ever be peace on earth? What is the real root of all the problems? Join us as we uncover "The True Nature of Man" and seek a true Hope in a seemingly hopeless world.
Forgiveness in Romans
with Pastor James Uglum in Room 222
Forgiveness is one of those words we throw around in the church so often that we can lose sight of just how incredible God's forgiveness is and just how difficult forgiveness can be to practice. Join us as we hear from Paul's letter to the Romans. Over the course of our study, we'll discuss our universal need for forgiveness, how to receive God's forgiveness, how to become a forgiving person, and the ultimate goal of forgiveness.