AUG | 25 | 2019

9:30 AM


NEW Sunday Morning Bible Studies begin soon:
In the Beginning with Pastor Mark Hoehner
Join Pastor Mark in Room 224 as he shows how reading multiple books of the Bible at one time helps to richly inform you about who your God is, for you. We will begin by reading Genesis and John together. It's gonna be awesome!
Young Families Bible Study with Pastor James Uglum
Life with young people can be challenging. Join us downstairs on Sunday mornings in the preschool room for a chance to meet other young families, to pray together, and to study God's Word together. You can either bring your little ones with you, or you can leave them in our staffed nursery.
The Church: In the First Three Centuries with Pastor Bob Hoehner
Join Pastor Bob in Room 222 as he leads a Paul Maier study on what the early Church was like — a Church with no churches and cathedrals, a Church where many of its members were fed to lions and crucified daily — a Church that grew faster than at any other time in history.
James with Carl Saubert
Join us in Room 225 to examine scriptural guidelines on how faith is to manifest itself in our daily lives, so that we may indeed be doers , and not merely hearers, of the Word. Come discover what has made the letter of James so controversial over the years and what makes it so powerful today. This class will run September 8 through October 6.