Bible Studies for February and March

The Gospel of Mark

with Pastor Mark Hoehner and Pastor James Uglum

Join us each Sunday as we read through the Gospel of Mark.  This is a Gospel filled with Jesus doing amazing acts of grace and mercy, confronting sin, death, and many demons.  If you want to learn more about Jesus in your life today, come read with us.  Bring your questions! We meet in Room 224.


Alpha Group

with Pastor Mark Hoehner and Pastor James Uglum

Alpha is the first letter of the Greekj Alphabet and is often used as a metaphor as the "most important" or "most foundational" thing.  We will discuss how Jesus is the most import being; how Hesus has an important plan for your life; how Jesus created the world and the sciences to serve you an you to serve th world; and how Jesus delivers His most import love into you by created means attached to His promises.

This class is for new members; long term members; those who want to learn how to discuss their Christian faith with other Christians and especially with non-Christians.


The Book of Revelation

with Pastor Robert Hoehner

Pastor Bob Hoehner's Bible Class will continue with the study of the Book of Revelation through February.